Dinner at the Farm • August 1 at 5pm

Farm Tour • Live Music • Seated Dinner

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Dillon + Trish = Dilish

We're Dilish Farm founders Dillon and Trish, and we pride ourselves on being stewards of the soil, prioritizing intentional farming methods that nurture organic matter and beneficial microbes to cultivate a thriving soil bed.

As a family-operated farm, we recognize the importance of good food as medicine for both body and soul, and are committed to empowering our community with trusted recipes and fostering meaningful mealtime connections around the table.

Proudly Protecting Our Soil and Native Habitats

As a member of the USDA's NRCS Conversation program, we're dedicated to using sustainable, regenerative farming methods that prioritize healthy soil and protects local biodiversity.

Stay at the Farm!

Pack the RV and get ready to experience the rhythms of farm life through the changing seasons. With spring, summer, and fall Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) offerings, you'll have the opportunity to taste the rainbow of produce harvested right from the soil you walk on. From the freshest eggs to the most aromatic dried herbs, every item reflects a commitment to locavore principles and the nurturing of future generations.

Integrated Livestock

We use our pasture-raised chickens for weed control and soil enrichment through scratching behavior, and intermix flowers to foster our community’s mason bee population, preserving natural habitats while aiding in pollination and pest control.

Holistic Crop Management

Employing plant rotation with nutrient-rich cover crops and minimum tillage practices, we maintain an undisturbed ecological balance, while building up natural, organic matter and beneficial microbes. 

Sustainable Practices

We recycle leaf and wood mulch, and collaborate with Ground Up Soil for OMRI-certified natural amendments and compost to enrich the soil naturally.